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Bed Bug Preparations

Bed Bug Preparations

  1. Get trash bags and bag up all curtains, clothes in dresser, and bedding.
  2. Pull everything away from walls two feet in living room and bedrooms.
  3. Pull empty drawers out of dressers and nightstands and stand up in middle of room.
  4. Remove pictures from the wall and turn around leaning against something so we can treat the backs of them including mirrors
  5. Stand up box spring and mattresses against the wall so we can access the frame and headboard.
  6. Remove outlet covers by unscrewing screw and setting them aside.
  7. Pull sofas and recliners away from wall, removing cushions flip them on their I back.
  8. Plan on staying outside during the treatment and leaving for 2 hours after treatment.
  9. After treatment take all bagged up items to laundromat and dry for 45 minutes on high.
  10. Return home after 2 hours and you can begin putting everything back including making beds . Go ahead and sleep in your own rooms and do not avoid sleeping in certain rooms. Doing so can cause bed bugs to remain hidden and not come out.
  11. Only in extreme cases is it usually necessary to take clothes hanging in closet out and dry them. Usually they are ok to be left in closet

If after 3-4 weeks you are still experiencing bites you will need a follow up treatment.

Also, please keep in mind that we have our lowest price guarantee so if you happen to find a better deal anywhere in town give us a call and a chance to match the price or beat it.