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Bed Bug Quick Facts

Bed Bug Quick Facts

Remember the three C’s: Check, contain, and clear. Read about them below.


  • Check the seams of your mattress, look for black/brown spots (bed bug feces).
  • Check for small blood stains on sheets.
  • Check for their shed “skins” which are amber-colored.
  • Check your face, neck, arms and other body parts for bite marks.
  • Check mattress seams, box springs, bed frames, chairs, edges of rugs and carpets, drawers, baseboards, backpacks, sleeping bags and clothes.


  • When staying in a hotel, check the room first and protect clothes and luggage by sealing them in garbage bags or other tight-sealing bags.
  • Make sure to keep luggage off the floor, chairs and bed.
  • Do not pick up items from dumpsters or the street – they may be infested.
  • Be cautious when purchasing used furniture and clothing.
  • Seal clothes in plastic bags until you can wash and dry them.


  • As much as possible, eliminate clutter that provides hiding places for bed bugs.
  • Wash clothes and dry on high.
  • Vacuum beds, under beds, and other hiding places. Empty vacuumed matter immediately, seal it in a garbage bag, and put it in the trash. Don’t let bed bugs “hitchhike” on vacuum cleaners.