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How do bed bugs originally get inside a home or bed?

Steve Bonham

bed bugs can get into a home from staying at a hotel, from clothing transfer or international travel, travelling in general, from furniture on the street, even used furniture from stores.

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No, it is absolutely not safe to pick up furniture from a dumpster. It may have been the reason it was thrown out or bug could have nested in the furniture during it's time on the curb.

From Overseas. Bed bugs have increased in America over the last few years due to international travels, importation of goods, and the fact that pest control measures no longer include the use of chemicals from the past that were effective but were outlawed due to their harmful effects on the environment . They have also developed resistance to many chemicals readily available to the public.

Bed bugs secretive lifestyle makes detection difficult. Relatively few bed bugs start an infestation. In fact, if a male bed bug is the only hitchhiker, no infestation will develop. Only female bed bugs are able to lay eggs. A mated female can lay around 3 eggs a day if feeding is available, laying more than 300 eggs in her lifetime. Small white eggs are cemented to discrete surfaces, near a host, and hatch in about 10 days.